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What is Safespace?

Safespace is a collection of individuals worldwide from every walk of life, every age, every nationality and every race who are working together to make Planet Earth a better place for all life forms.

Safespace Team Members are dedicated to making Planet Earth a garden planet. Just imagine for a moment... a long moment... a Planet Earth where all people can live together harmoniously without war, insanity, or violence.

Safespace team members believe that life is an adventure and that we have a God-given right to live on Planet Earth in a spirit of love, companionship and mutual admiration.

Currently Safespace Team members are working on two important projects that are taking place on a worldwide basis.

The first is the delivery and follow-up of the "Fastwalkers" Congressional Update version of our “Fastwalkers” DVD to both the Canadian Parliament and to each member of the United States Congress.

The ''Fastwalkers Congressional Update DVD'' is a "Director's Cut" of the original Fastwalkers Motion Picture which has been premiering in big screen theaters worldwide and is now the number one best selling DVD in its genre.

A "limited" number of the Congressional Update DVDs are available for sale. For more information on purchasing your own "Collector Edition" click here.

The second project is the "Safespace The Briefing" motion picture project, which is currently in devolpment.

The script for this new film is based on my original Safespace story, which is now greatly expanded. There are many new charactures added, and the story is greatly expanded and filled with adventure, action, romance, and high stakes drama.

The pre-production period of motion picture making is that vital period when the necessary ingredients for the ongoing process of making the film is all pulled together. Locations are scouted, actors are interviewed and often screen tested, and the technical team is also brought together.

This is also the time that a Director is sought and the story boards and original music concepts come into being. This film is being produced as an independent production so casting is open and so are the opportunities for participation.

The script is available at in both e-book and printed form. Written in an easy to read style that is book like in form, people who have never read a screenplay will have no difficulty with the formate as an easy, enjoyable read. Perhaps, you will see a a role for which you would like to audition or apply?

For more information on these projects please visit the "Latest News" link on this site.

Safespace membership is now open to the public. New members are joining to help make a better planet from all over the world - Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, and throughout the United States of America.

Safespace welcomes anyone who wants to help create a better world to contact us. You can become a Safespace Team Member absolutely free with no cost or obligation , simply by contacting us via email, by clicking on this link , or by writing to us via regular mail.

The Safespace correspondence address has recently changed.

Please address all correspondence to:


In care of: Robert D. Miles

8699 Silver Creek Drive

Show Low, AZ 85901 US of A